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Research concept


Research concept

● Sustainable development

       Sustainability is the norm for Shenzhen TZT Technology Co.,Ltd. R&D activities. The Company strives to provide technology-leading products, optimize the company's culture, optimize the company's system, optimize and nurture the company's core competitiveness, provide customers with suitable solutions, and seek efficient and safe process to ensure environmental protection of research and development activities, ensure occupational health and safety of employees, reduce waste of resources and decrease costs.


● Reliable quality as the base

       Product research and development must not only break foreign monopoly and patents, but also combine the actual situation of the company and customers, adopt new materials, new processes, new technologies, new equipment, and constantly optimize, to achieve more reliable product quality.


● Market demand oriented

       Different from traditional R&D companies and institutions, when we design new products and applications, R&D activities fully consider the needs of the market. Researchers are closer to the market, and through close cooperation with customers, the new ideas are transformed into product solutions to support corporate profits.


● Advocating technological innovation

       The core of modern enterprise competition is technology, the key is innovation, create a corporate environment suitable for research and development, and always encourage innovation. The development of technology has made the product update cycle shorter and shorter, and innovation has made the product more competitive.If enterprises want to have the momentum of sustainable development and market share, they must constantly carry out product research and development and technological innovation.